Kanban IT Service Management

Training for Management and Teams working within IT Service Management
2 Days


• Changing markets and technologies are offering enterprises new ways to approach projects and develop the tools they need to succeed.
• Specifically, agile development is seen as a way for CIOs adjust to this new way of doing business.
• If executed well, use of agile methods have the capability to transform IT-business relationships as well as have a positive effect on IT value delivery. “Done badly”, agile development will create a lot more problems than it solves.
• Our Certified Agile Trainers have learnt and experienced on the ground implementing Agile transformations with-in organizations and teams.

Course Proposal

• This course teaches how to work in an Agile Environment using Kanban within the IT Service Management space.
• Learn how to manage and prioritize your team queue, improve your team performance and quality, learn how to balance your team and remove the silo mentality.
• Reduce your Lead Time to meet your SLA’s and OLA’s.

Who can benefit from this course

• CTOs and CIOs
• Directors
• Service Managers
• IT Operations Managers
• Team Managers
• IT Operation Teams
• Infrastructure Program and Project Managers

Course Topics

• Improve team priorities providing better business value
• Reduce Cycle Times, Lead Times and Response Time
• Improve the team Service Catalogue and identify areas for automation and self-service
• Reduce dependency on people knowledge and skills
• Team Building
• Improve Best Practices
• Follow company processes and standards
• Improve team visibility with metrics
• Cost Reduction

How the course will be given:

• This course will be interactive allowing the students to participate on different group exercises.
• There is space for questions and answers from our experienced trainers.
• In between the different parts of the course there will also be videos that will help the students to understand different perspectives about what is given during the course.

Course Details

• Duration: 2 days
• Starting at 9AM finishing at 5:30PM
• 9AM to 10:30 – Course
• 10:30 to 10:40 Coffee/ Tea break
• 10:40 to 12 – Course
• 12 to 13
• 13 to 15 – Course
• 15 to 15:15 Coffee/ Tea break
• 15:15 to 17:15 – Course
• 17:15 to 17:30 Questions and Answers