Highly proficient SENIOR AGILE DEVELOPER with 10+ years experience in design, development and testing high performance and secure applications, both for payment and telecom industries using OO, Java, UML, SQL and NoSQL databases, RESTfull, SOA Certified Scrum Developer and Certified Scrum Master. An Agile Evangelist with a heavy emphasis on BDD, TDD, Pair Programming, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment SKILLS SET Java SE (10+ years) Multithreading, Swing, SWT, JNI, JNA, JDBC, RMI, Regular Expressions, I/O, Security, BouncyCastle, Serialization, Profiling, Annotations Java EE (6+years) Servlets, JSP, JSTL, Velocity, Java Persistence, Hibernate, Spring, Guice, Jersey, RESTEasy, Web Services (SOAP and RESTful) JMS SonicMQ Cache Hazelcsat, ehCache BDD/TDD Cucumber(Ruby), jUnit, testNg, Mockito, PowerMock, SOAP UI, WebDriver, Selenium, Emma, Grinder Other Ruby, Groovy (for Gradle), Python, C, HTML Web Servers Apache, Apache Tomcat, Jetty RDMS/NoSql DB MongoDB (Morphia), Cassandra(Firebrand), Oracle 10, MySQL, Postgresql OS Linux (Debian/Ubuntu 10+ years), Windows (10+ years), Mac OS Deployment/Build/VCS Jenkins, TeamCity, CloudFoundry, Amazon Cloud, Ant, Maven, Gradle, Chef, SVN, Perforce, Git